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The Business of Attachment

The 6-Month Embodied Executive Coaching Experience for Visionary Leaders & Entrepreneurs Who Desire to be Met, Held, and Guided in the Next Evolution of Your Leadership

Can I Be Honest?

You've reached some pretty epic milestones in your business or career.

Yet - you know you're barely scratching the surface of what you're capable of.

You know you're meant for big things as a driven, purposeful leader, but somehow, climbing to that next level—where you really get to make a mark—feels just out of reach.

And since you're not there yet, you're probably thinking something must be blocking you from getting there, or you'd be there by now, right?


Does any of this sound familiar . . .

If any of these resonate, you're in the right place

🤔 It's been challenging to achieve and sustain peak performance in yourself and in your team while preserving your personal integrity and humanity.

🤔 You're ready for significant change, but you've been trying to piece the solution together on your own, and there's some puzzle pieces missing.

🤔 So much of your time, energy, and effectiveness has been tied up in managing your stress and not letting your past experiences and difficult memories cloud your potential.

🤔 You've experienced being misunderstood and/or under-supported by your clients, peers, prospects, and even partners, and it's affected your confidence as a leader or entrepreneur.

🤔 Sometimes you feel paralyzed by the responsibility of leading your business and find it hard to balance taking care of all of your responsibilities and leading a life of regenerative and reciprocal purpose and enrichment.

Whether it's your next level of financial success, elevated standards, more functional operations, more balanced work efforts, or just an overall leap in confidence and capacity to step into whatever's calling you, I get it.

And, lovingly, the common denominator at the epicenter of your business, relationships, and life experience is you—which means understanding (and transforming) how you operate on a deeper level is the secret sauce to removing the limits of what you can achieve.

This is what you hire me to help you with.

How I Do What I Do, With You!

The Conscious LeaderShift Method™

An attachment-based mind and body approach that uses gentle yet surgical precision to transform your most impactful leadership challenges from the inside-out.



We guide self-aware visionaries to experience powerful and profound breakthroughs by working with your mind and body.


Using our Self-to-System Paradigm Shift process, you'll transform the beliefs, behaviors, and emotional states getting in the way of your confidence, capabilities, and congruence as a leader or entrepreneur and step into a whole new way of being.



Using our Energy Wealth System™, We guide high-achievers to optimize performance in yourself and others without losing your humanity.


We work with you to develop a set of everyday practices and work/life rhythms that align with natural cycles, take care of all your responsibilities, and lead to regenerative outcomes for self, team, and family



We support mission-driven trailblazers in fostering balanced and synergistic partnerships, not just with clients, team, personal relationships, and broader audience/society, but also with their vision, goals, and resources.

By placing an emphasis on trust, clear communication, and genuine synergy, you'll cultivate a dynamic ecosystem of mutual respect and reciprocity.

The impact is real . . .

A picture of my client Jourdan

"I cannot verbalize enough just how much clearer and lighter I feel. Deborah brought so much validation, compassion and clarity around the direction I want to take Vera Jean Media in, and how to make it happen without doing it all myself. I've had some really big "aha moments" of how to expand with ease, and not making it harder than it needs to be."

- Jourdan Guyton

Content Coach + Organic Social Media Genius

A picture of my client Tiffany

"My best advice when scaling a business is that growing and scaling should NOT be done alone. Deborah is my secret scaling weapon. She's my partner in business, my sounding board, guide, and the voice of reason when I've hit my limit. She has absolutely revolutionized the way Your Legacy Brand operates."

- Tiffany Neuman

Branding Genius + Founder of Your Legacy Brand


"If you're thinking of hiring Deborah, DO IT! I feel so held, heard, supported, and understood. Plus the energetic, Human Design, and even somatic work we've done has been game-changing. I'm no where near the direction I thought I'd be in before working with Deborah in the BEST WAY. My favorite part of working with Deborah is the combination of tangible, actionable 'real-world' advice along with the energetics of alignment and intuition."

- Amy Leisner

Owner of A18 Media + Marketing Expert

About Deborah

I'm a groundbreaking leadership development theorist and practitioner, executive coach, and attachment-based therapist.

Like you, I've always been highly ambitious. But, my manic ambition paired with unresolved past experiences and memories also led me to burn out twice.


This awakened me to the REAL problem: I was unconsciously leading from my emotions, protective patterns, and blind spots.


Since then, I have spent many years developing the Conscious LeaderShift Method and the theory that powers it, Attachment Energetics, by combining my 10+ years of strategic operations and fractional leadership experience in for-profit, non-profit, and small businesses, paired with over 10,000 hours of advanced training in Business Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Conversational Hypnosis, Somatic Attachment Therapy, and Integrated Attachment Theory.


And I've had the honor and pleasure of coaching over a hundred conscious, mission-driven women to re-humanize their leadership—and their teams and cultures—to increase the likelihood of sustainable, enjoyable, safe success as you manage the chaos of growth.


Interested in Deborah as Your Coach?

Here are the details:

  • Targeted attachment and nervous system response assessments ($2,997 value)

  • (1) 90-minute onboarding call plus  (17) 45-minute one-on-one calls ($15,997 value)

  • Full access to me via Voxer (or telegram) and email between calls so that we can connect, celebrate, answer questions, and move you forward faster. ($7,997 value)

  • A true partner (I want you to feel deeply supported in your business and know that we're in this together). (value: priceless!)

  • Relevant trainings, toolkits and other content tailored to you and your growth so that you have exactly what you need to move forward the fastest. ($3,000 value)

Total Value: $29,991



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