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Confidently grow into your next level of impact, achievement, success, and legacy

High-Impact, Attachment-Based Leadership Transformation & Coaching for Ambitious Visionaries and Teams to increase the likelihood of sustainable, enjoyable, safe success as you scale.

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You're ready for your next breakthrough.

As a high-performer, you're no stranger to breaking ceilings. You've driven some pretty epic growth in your business.

Now, you've reached a point where you know you've barely scratched the surface of what you're capable of, and at the same time, recognize that this next level (even if you don't quite know what that next level is) is not about some new and shiny strategy; it's about deepening your leadership from the inside out.

Whether an external circumstance prompted this realization or you got here on your own, you're probably asking yourself:

  • What am I being called to change?

  • What does this change look like?

  • How do I get there?

  • How do I sustain it?

This is where *I* come in.

The Conscious LeaderShift Method™

My signature, attachment-based coaching method has led countless entrepreneurs into sustainable, scalable, enjoyable success.

Focused on You

We view leadership as the ultimate personal-development process. We delve into the roots of your leadership, exploring the the deeper, underlying forces that are at the core of every decision, reaction, and relationship in your business and are fundamentally shaped by your childhood attachment experiences. This transformative work ensures that your leadership evolution is not just effective but also aligned with your true vision.

Focused on Results

We go beyond the surface. We aren't interested in patching up problems; we know that lasting results can only come from redefining and reconstructing the very essence of how you lead - your Leadership DNA. By pinpointing and addressing these core beliefs, behaviors, and responses, we not only solve the immediate challenges but also equip you with the insights and tools to prevent future obstacles.

Focused on Longevity

We prioritize sustainability. The reality is, It’s fairly simple to build and lead a business that’s successful for a few years. This is why so many business owners experience quick success but then burnout or burn down their businesses five years later (ask me how I know). But being an industry leader and building something that lasts without detriment to yourself, requires a LeaderShift.









The impact is real . . .

A picture of my client, Amy, sitting on stairs and smiling towards the camera.

I was feeling stuck in my business and I needed support to help me break through that hidden block, so I hired Deb and I've never felt so held, heard, supported and understood and leave every call with a totally surprising breakthrough. 

I have less fear and "lack" mentality around doing the scary things like paying people to take things off my plate and it has opened up much more aligned opportunities for me, including totally changing my niche and booking a new IDEAL client, re-launching my podcast, starting a whole new corporation with a business partner, and guest-speaking on 5 podcasts!

My foundation is SET to blow this thing up in 2024... But if it weren't for a working with a coach who knows how to ask the right questions (that's the key, right there), I would probably still be forcing a square peg into a round hole.

- Amy Leisner

Founder of A18 Media

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Ways to Work Together


For Female Founders & Leaders

Become the confident, luminary leader your elevated and evolved vision needs.

For Companies

Inspire and and train up luminary leaders who align with your mission and drive the bottom line.

Hey there! I'm Deborah

(pronounced De-BORE-ah)

And while 7 months pregnant with my third child, I epically burned out at my high-visibility, high-stakes government job.

I spent the next 10 months on a sabbatical, reconciling who I was with who I'd been, and who I desired to be with what I valued, and finally realized I had outgrown my corporate career.

So, shortly after going back to work, I co-authored a fictional corporate tell-all with my mom and sister that was featured by Forbes, quit my job, and launched a ghostwriting business which I grew to six figures in revenue in just under 11 months...

. . . Only to find myself overworked, isolated, and burned out again, despite record-income🤦🏽‍♀️

My "come-to-Jesus moment" came when I saw my own patterns - the ones that led me to success, yes, but also had me:

  • Frivolously investing in every strategy I could when things that used to work stopped working.

  • Hiring support but still doing almost all the day-to-day myself.

  • Spending my days putting out fires instead of focusing on my vision.

  • Not holding boundaries or the scope of work I was doing with clients.


​And after spending thousands (tens of thousands, tbh) of dollars hiring mindset coaches, energetic coaches, and leadership coaches, I was left with superficial solutions that only lasted a few months before the same challenges reintroduced themselves OR I was told that I needed to essentially stop trying to be so damn ambitious and lower the bar.


There was nothing that addressed the needs of someone like me—a high-performing visionary who has deeply rooted and unconsciously conditioned beliefs, patterns that on the one hand make it easy to create quick success, but on the other hand, make too much success feel fleeting,  unstable, and unsafe.

So, I spent the next two years developing what I needed. 💁🏽‍♀️

The combination of my masters level certifications in attachment theory, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and somatic attachment therapy, coupled with strategic and first-hand experience guiding dozens of six, seven, and even eight-figure entrepreneurs as their COO through pressure, struggles, and leadership drama, laid the groundwork for The Conscious LeaderShift Method, a 3-part method that addresses and permanently resolves the attachment-based causes of self-sabotage, burnout, and relationship fractures, and the theory that powers it, Attachment Energetics.


The Conscious LeaderShift Method was my breakthrough, and it's been the breakthrough for over 100 ambitious, accomplished, and mission-driven leaders to amplify your impact, revenue, and legacy exponentially by stepping into a whole new way of being in the world.

If you’re ready to do things differently, yet with stellar results, then we’re a good fit to work together.

Deborah standing against a grey backdrop, wearing a white shirt, black leather jacket and burnt orange pants. She's looking to the left.
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